Makinon 24mm 2.8

Just got this lens in the mail, a cheap little ebay purchase.  It’s a Japanese made Multi Coated Auto Makinon 24mm f/2.8 in Pentax mount, I’ve never owned a prime in the 24mm focal length so I’m interested to see how it performs and hope it’s not a dud.  From what I have read on the Makinon brand and this particular lens is nothing stellar but for the price I paid for it, I certainly don’t care.  Here are some shots taken in the backyard, the first thing I noticed was the haziness while looking through the lens and looking at the glass, there seems to be slight smearing as if the previous owner tried to clean it.  Unfortunately, this hazing comes through in the shots and causes the lens to produce mediocre photographs, especially outdoors with a lot of sunlight, the shots also lacked contrast or saturation.  The contrast and saturation issues can be easily fixed in Lightroom but the hazing is unfixable unless I take the lens apart and clean the glass.  The bokeh (out of focus areas) produced by the lens is a little quirky but not as much as the Helios-44 or Jupiter-9 lenses.  So, although I haven’t praised the lens, I do believe most lenses serve a purpose and since I’m a fan of quirky effects, toy cameras and out of focus shots, I’m sure I’ll be able to use this lens to take some interesting photographs.

untitled 8411 Makinon 24mm 2.8


untitled 8413 Makinon 24mm 2.8


untitled 8418 Makinon 24mm 2.8


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