Pierce The Sky

These photos were taken in some fields outside of Port Lincoln, South Australia.  Pentax K10D + Pentax DA* 50-135 @ f/8.  With these particular shots I wanted to capture tension between the branches, the space between where the sky is hollow.  For me, this was a lesson in composition.  I really wanted to capture the tree in camera and not rely on cropping in post so i took my time and looked at the branches, negative spaces, light and exposure.

4507946398 13f784b968 o Pierce The Sky

4507944494 b815a86ef2 o Pierce The Sky

4507945798 0ab28fd776 o Pierce The Sky

4507943838 fce3f1ea15 o Pierce The Sky

4507311323 50c4e656ca o Pierce The Sky

4507947068 c633207ba9 o Pierce The Sky

4507951780 8399dd729d o Pierce The Sky

4507313759 0cf637be92 o Pierce The Sky

They are just silhouettes.  They are just contrasts.  They are just real.  They are just minimalist.  They are just monochrome.

They are just beautiful.  They are just trees.  They are just piercing the sky.  So just let it bleed.

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