At That Moment

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I had to do a bullshit assignment for uni where I had to teach someone something, record the lesson and then transcribe it.  So I decided to teach Naomi how to take a photo with a manual lens.  Awesome.  Moving on.  One good thing that did transpire was this photo of Naomi.  It’s been a while since I’ve photographed my muse and it felt nice to really look into her gorgeous eyes again.

This photo was also edited in Sage Light Editor, a cheap ($40), powerful 48 bit photo editor.  The reason I tried a different editor is to just try a different process than I usually do and since Lightroom 3 will be coming out soon, I thought I’d look at some other editors to see if it’s worth getting.  Some other editors I tried were ACDSee pro, Lightzone, RAW Therapee (free) and a few others.  I love Lightroom, it’s awesome and now that I’m a student I can actually afford it (student discount), I’ve spent the last 2 years evaluating :)  But I feel lately that my photos rely on Lightroom, they have that Lightroom look about them…whatever that means and it’s just so easy to click on a preset, add some modifications and 30 seconds later your done.  It’s too easy and I’m getting comfortable which equals lazy.  The great thing about LR though is it’s DAM (Digital Asset Management) and editing capabilities and I’m looking forward to seeing what the full version of LR 3 has to offer but I just really like what Sage Light Editor offered and enjoyed the different process.  Will I buy it?  I should, it’s $40 and does a hell of a lot and the developer has some big ideas and updates regularly.

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