Melbourne…Let Me Sleep

It’s been a turbulent last month.  Moving to Melbourne without my girls, living in a Hostel for 10 days, starting University, assignments, readings, looking for an apartment, rejection, frustration, exhaustion, meeting new people, getting lost, spending too much money, living with two Italian girls, found accommodation, buying everything for the house, exhaustion, lack of sleep, lack of energy….the list I assure could go on but to stave boredom, All is getting better.  My girls are here and life will begin to be “normal” again.

As for photography, time just hasn’t allowed me to get my camera our except for a few occasions.  One was at the St.Kilda Festival and the Chinese new year celebrations in the city and the other at the Brunswick Street Festival on Sydney Road where I took a few sly street photographs.  I was shooting with the the Takumar 28mm & 55mm which were good but I should of used the Pentax DA* 50-135mm to shoot the performers but overall there were some decent shots and the day was quite fun.  Here are the St.Kilda shots, I’ll post the Chinese New Year and Brunswick ones soon.

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4426018479 387ce5ce32 o Melbourne…Let Me Sleep 4426017677 309a0b9cfc o Melbourne…Let Me Sleep

4426017273 afa3fc66e8 o Melbourne…Let Me Sleep

P.S – Fuck You IKEA!!!

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