Moving Backwards – Scenes #11~#15

4049079501 f8fd80f3a1 o Moving Backwards   Scenes #11~#15

As I look past myself I notice the slight curve in the path.

4049826218 ccffae7eb1 o Moving Backwards   Scenes #11~#15

The bridge, the ledge, the icy cold water below is now just as inviting as legs that once parted.

4049826188 3217bf2847 o Moving Backwards   Scenes #11~#15

But it’s mayhem, and details are just as frightening as the shadows where they belong.

4049826168 fd62607541 o Moving Backwards   Scenes #11~#15

Straight up I rise and climb until the world is but a speck of dust.

4049079407 68e23ff943 o Moving Backwards   Scenes #11~#15

And it’s here where I lay down, weary and unsure.

The End.

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2 comments to Moving Backwards – Scenes #11~#15

  • ho from Hong Kong

    from time to time, i will come to this site .
    i like your photos .
    they look like they were taken by film even on your K10D.
    and i have a trip to japan soon (mainly tokyo and osaka)
    I want to ask for locations of some local shop to buy second hand lens(m42 mount mostly) because i totally have no idea where to get them in Japan


  • Hi there,

    Thanks for visiting and enjoying my photos. In Tokyo, I recommend Cross Point Camera ‘kitamura’ in Shibuya (across from H&M clothing store) and Map Camera in Shinjuku.

    In Osaka I recommend a shop at Umeda Station located in the level below near Hotel Granvia and ‘Kitamura‘ across from Yodobashi Camera also in Umeda.

    Good luck and enjoy Japan.

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